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cutout smirk

April 2010



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Apr. 28th, 2010

cutout smirk


So there's this meme where you pick a certain musical artist/band, and then pick out song titles from their library to answer the following questions. Too easy, I say! Let's kick into HAADO MODO! Not only will I limit myself to one band, I will only pick songs from one album! Don't try this at home, kids.
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Oct. 4th, 2009

cutout smirk

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Shin Mazinger is the best anime of 2009. If you don't watch it you're dumb. That is all.

May. 21st, 2009

cutout smirk

Spring 2009 Anime First Impressions: Addendum

So one of the other shows this season was that they were showing reruns of Haruhi Suzumiya, shown in chronological order.

They aired a new episode this morning.

There had been no real announcement for this either. There had been rumors and teases for a second season pretty much since the first one ended, and the other day one station's website briefly listed the new episode's title. But for such a big show to return with no real fanfare is one hell of a ballsy move. I approve.

I might actually do a follow-up on the shows I reccomended later. (spoilers: they're all still good, or people stopped subbing them)
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Apr. 17th, 2009

cutout smirk

Spring 2009 Anime First Impressions

Something amazing has happened! A decent amount of the anime premiering this season actually appeal to me, instead of the usual slim-pickings of maybe just one or two shows that catch my eye. A few people have already asked me what's worth watching, so for their benefit and to spread the word, I've... well, I've written a whole bunch of words as well as gathered some videos. All of which you can check out after the jump!

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Dec. 6th, 2008

cutout smirk

Flickr Quilt Meme

This seemed like it would be fun to do. Basically, it works as follows:

1. Type your answer for each question into Flickr's search
2. Choose a representative image from within the first 3 pages
3. Use this site to compile them into a single super-image
4. Share it. Y'know, if you want.

1. First Name
2. Favorite Food
3. Hometown
4. Favorite Color
5. Celebrity Crush
6. Favorite Drink
7. Dream Vacation
8. Favorite Dessert
9. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
10. What I Love Most In The World
11. One Word That Describes Me
12. My LiveJournal Name


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